How to Pour a Concrete Slab for a Basketball Court

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Basketball is a popular sport because it can be played without teammates. All that is needed is a ball, a basket and a place to play. If you're tired of constantly finding a gym or a park that has an available basketball court, an alternative is to construct your own basketball court in your yard or driveway. While this prospect seems intimidating, it can be done with a little time and effort. The benefits of having your own court are endless and will provide you and your family with hours of exercise and entertainment.

Square of a 30-by-30-foot area at the desired location of the court with your tape measure. Mark the boundaries with boundary stakes so that you are able to stick to your measurements.

Dig to a depth of 8 inches throughout the entire 30-by-30 sections, removing any large pieces of rock or debris that may cause your playing surface to be uneven.

Set a foundation for your concrete slab by placing 5 inches of gravel over the entire 30-foot-by-30 foot area. Use a rolling device to compact the gravel to ensure that the gravel foundation is evenly spread.

Mix the Ready-Mix concrete in a wheelbarrow, following the directions on the back of the bag. Allow the concrete to cure for 24 hours.

Pour 3 inches of concrete over the entire surface area of the compacted gravel. Use a trowel to level out the concrete to ensure that the playing surface is level.

Allow the concrete to dry for 48 hours before use.


There are several types of concrete that can be used. Generally, Ready-Mix concrete is the simplest and least expensive for do-it-yourself projects.