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How to Practice Pool Without a Pool Table

    Practice using the "bottle drill." First, you need to place an empty bottle onto a flat surface. Then you need to place your hand about a foot away from the bottle. Then take your cue stick and stroke inside the bottle without touching the outside. You can do this exercise for about a minute, and then you can switch hands and repeat.

    Practice getting used to how your upper body should be set. You can stand at any type of table to do this. Whenever you shoot in a game of pool, the cue stick should only move about six inches to reach the ball. You also need to make sure that your arm is steady above your elbow to help you to not strike the ball too hard.

    Practice your stance. If you are right-handed you are going to lead with your left foot, and if you are left-handed you will lead with your right foot. Your leading foot should be between 18 and 24 inches away from your back foot. You leading foot should also be pointed in the direction you wish to hit the ball.

    Understand the rules of the game. Read through and then memorize the rules to get a good handle on what is expected of you during a game of pool. There are also many games that can be played on a pool table. Maybe you should look up a game that you have never heard of before, and then learn the rules. Then when you do have a table on which to play, you will be able to practice something new.

    Practice making a bridge. Making a bridge is how you place your hand around the cue stick. To do this you need make an "ok" sign with your index finger and thumb and put the que through sign. There are many videos that you can find online to help you master your bridge.

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  • You will not necessarily get the same quality of practice without the use of a table.

Things Needed

  • Empty bottle
  • Pool cue
  • Table
  • Pool rule book

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