How to Put More Revs on Your Bowling Ball

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Putting more revolutions on your bowling ball as it goes down the alley can increase the force and the angle at which the ball comes into the pocket. The angle and force are key in regularly getting strikes, which is why you see professional bowlers throwing hooking balls rather than straight ones. The easy answer to increasing revs is to have your ball drilled and weighted for more revolutions, but you can also increase revs by how you throw the ball.

Hold the bowling ball with your two middle fingers in the finger holes and your thumb in the thumb hole. The farther you can set your finger holes and thumb hole apart, the easier it will be to put revs on the ball. Most bowlers now use a fingertip grip, in which the thumb is mostly inside the ball but only the fingertips are in the finger holes. Experiment with this to see that you can still hold and maintain control of the ball.

Swing your arm through your throwing motion, keeping your hand underneath the ball, with your wrist cupped.

Concentrate on getting your thumb free of the ball first, at release. Lift your fingers upward as they come out of the ball.

Move your hand up and rotated it in a counter-clockwise motion (if you are right handed) as you throw the ball. This will add sideways revolutions to the ball.


A good visualization tool is to imagine moving your hand from a palm-up position, at the beginning of release, to a position that simulates shaking someone's hand.

The more lift you can get with your fingers will result in more revolutions on the ball. A common bowling term when referring to getting more revolutions on the ball is to "get more fingers into it."


A wider grip and a hooking, high-revolution throwing style can result in less control and consistency. It can take a lot of practice to successfully throw a high rev ball.