How to Refinish a Scotty Cameron Putter


Scotty Cameron putters have gained a reputation as some of the finest produced in the world. With his eye for detail and handmade craftsmanship Cameron putters are widely played from the highest levels of professional golf down to avid amateurs. Cameron designs are collector's items, with handmade and rare models fetching thousands of dollars. Use your putter as much as you wish; it is possible to keep it looking as good as it did when you drained your first putt.

Clean Your Putter

Clean your putter, thoroughly. Using a soft cloth and a light soap, wipe the putter head gently. Use only a soft cloth, because the milled steel used is easily scratched.

Let the club dry and reexamine the condition of the club. Often, Cameron putters do not require repainting, just a thorough cleaning.

Apply a small amount of baby oil to another cloth and polish the face.

Examine the condition. If the club face has oxidized, has nicks or scratches or appears to be altered a careful refinish is necessary. Proceed to Section 2.

Refinish Your Putter

Removing rust. Mix a white wine vinegar solution of 1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water, and allow the club head to soak in the solution for several minutes. Once the head has soaked and the rust appears to be coming off the head, remove the head from the solution and gently wipe off the rust. Clean the head thoroughly with a soft cloth, or the oil cloth included with many Cameron putters.

Repair scratches. Identify the problem area and wet a soft cloth with a gentle dish soap with lemon. Using the cloth rub with the grain of the steel as much as possible. If the scratch runs across the grain, break it into several sections and keep a consistent motion across those sections. Keep the club head under slowly running water while you are repairing the scratch.

Retouch the paint. Cameron putters often have intricate designs and any refinish should include a touch up. Using your small paint brush and repair paint, delicately apply small amounts of paint into the previous design. Make sure to fully cover the area without letting the paint leak onto the club head. Remove any spilled paint slowly with a soft cloth.

Allow the club to dry for three or more days, while storing the club in a cool, dry place. The club face and painted areas will be more susceptible to staining in the first few days, so give your club time to settle.

Turn to Cameron

Contact the pros. If the process seems overwhelming, or if you just prefer to have a professional handle these very expensive clubs, the Cameron Studio team will completely retouch and refinish your putter and make it look brand new, for a fee.

Call the Cameron office (800)225-8500 and they will instruct you on how to package, where to send, and how long they'll need your putter. Expect to be without your putter for several weeks, potentially months, so wait for the winter months when you won't be playing.

Be specific with the Cameron Studio Team, if your looking for a basic refinish they'll know what to do, if you want something more personal like a custom finish they'll create something just for you. Stay in contact with the team if you want a custom creation.


Because Cameron putters are expensive, practice on an older putter first.

Many companies around the country offer club refinishing, and specialize in dealing with older or rare clubs.

Ask around for a good club fitter/maker in your area, who can help guide you through the refinish process.


Never use steel wool on the club head, as it will scratch the metal.

Be sure to dry the head completely to avoid oxidation.