How to Refurbish a Foosball Table

How to Refurbish a Foosball Table. A foosball table can give your family many hours of fun and entertainment. Unfortunately it can also get a lot of wear and tear. If you have basic carpentry skills and a bit of patience, you can refurbish your own foosball table rather than pay a lot of money to get it done.

Carefully take the foosball table's playing field apart. If you are in doubt as to how pieces might go back together, take a picture before you dismantle the foosball table.

Check all the moving parts for damage. Some parts may just need a thorough cleaning while you may need to replace others.

Order any parts you need early in the cleaning process so you can have them in time to put the table back together again. You may need to order a kit to refurbish your foosball table. The kit should have metal faceplates, goalie stop rings, rubber bumpers, plastic faceplates, ball entry cups and goal liners as well as players and balls. Don't forget to order handle wraps as well.

Clean all of the playing field as well as the moving parts. Be sure to choose the proper cleaner. Use only soft rags to clean and be sure to wipe up any excess cleaner. Wipe down the exterior of the foosball table with appropriate cleaner as well. Wax the wood surface after it is clean.

Fix the levelers on the table. It's much easier to tip the table over to work on the legs without all the metal rods in place. Check the underside of the table for signs of wear and tear as well. Make any repairs that may be necessary.

Reinstall all the parts. Put in any new parts as needed from the refurbish kit.