How to Remove Rust From Golf Clubs

Got a nice set of golf clubs that you haven't used in a while? Well, not only are they gathering cobwebs in your garage, but they also might be getting a bit rusty, just like your golf game. This article gives you some (hopefully) helpful hints on getting the pesky rust off your golf clubs. It's simple, and you may have many of these items laying around the house anyway.

Fill a bucket with perhaps two liters of cola (it can be any brand). Soak the golf clubs for up to five minutes (don't forget about them). When you take the clubs out, rub them dry with a soft handcloth. As long as the clubs aren't irreparably rusted, this may do the trick.

Using a dish soap such as Dawn, make a bubble bath for your clubs. Submerge the clubs for a few minutes, take them out and wipe them clean with a toothbrush. The toothbrush is unique because it gets deep into the grooves of the club.

Use a rust remover, such as CLR (stands for Calcium Lime Rust) should do the trick. Follow the bottle's directions, which should just include covering the golf club in rust remover and brushing them clean with a toothbrush or cloth.

Try taking the clubs to a local golf store, where they may more accurately assess the damage of the clubs.


Make sure not to get anything, rust or CLR in your eyes. Be very careful handling rust and make sure to clean your hands thoroughly afterward.