How to Repair Football Cleats

Thomas Northcut/Lifesize/Getty Images

Football cleats are worn by players during a football game. The cleats are used on both natural- and artificial-turf fields for the purpose of providing traction for proper footing during game play. Football cleats are athletic shoes and are designed much like a cross trainer or multipurpose athletic shoe, with the main difference being the spikes attached to the bottom of the shoes. Due to frequent wear during practice and game time, it may be necessary to perform basic or routine repair on cleats.

Replace worn football spikes with new spikes of appropriate length. Use a cleat wrench to initially loosen spikes by turning the wrench to the left. Remove the spikes and thread new spikes onto the sole of the football cleats. Tighten with the wrench by turning to the right.

Repair loose or torn soles with a multipurpose shoe glue, such as Shoe Goo. Apply the adhesive to the loose or damaged sole by carefully following the manufacturer's recommendations. Allow the Shoe Goo to thoroughly dry and cure before using.

Replace torn or excessively worn shoe laces. Remove the laces by pulling them back through the lace eyes. Insert a new lace into the bottom two eye holes. Make sure at this point the lace is even with both ends being of equal length. Lace the shoe by crossing the laces and feeding through the eye holes.

Repair worn or damaged heel areas in shoes. Use a durable piece of material which matches the feel and color of the shoe lining to make the patch. The patch should be slightly larger than the damaged area on the heel. Remove the insole and position the patch over the damaged area. Fold over the top of the material and sew along the top edge connecting the patch to the lining. Apply a thin coating of adhesive glue to the entire patch on the side to be attached to the shoe lining and press into place. Reinsert the insole.

Replace worn insoles. Refer to the manufacturer, local shoes stores, sporting goods stores and big box stores for replacement athletic insoles. Make sure the insole is sized to fit the football cleat. Make any necessary adjustments by trimming the insole to fit.


Take time to properly care for football cleats during the course of wear. Proper maintenance can often times reduce the need for repairs.


Use caution when working with adhesives. Avoid contact with skin and eyes and closely follow manufacturer's instructions.