How to Repair Punching Bags

Punching Bag Repair with Duct Tape

    Step 1

    Cut away any frayed edges, loose strings or small obstructions that could get in the way of the tape sticking to the bag.

    Step 2

    Measure the length of the tear and cut off a slip of duct tape that is slightly longer than the tear.

    Step 3

    Place one end of the tape at the beginning of the tear. Slowly drag your finger down the tape, sticking it securely to the bag.

    Step 4

    Gently rub a small piece of sandpaper against the tape if it has a glossy finish. Be careful not to scuff the bag.

    Step 5

    Dip the paint brush in the can of paint and cover the tape with it. While a single coat should be sufficient, you might want to cover it a second time so that it blends in better.

Things Needed

  • Duct tape (preferably non-glossy)
  • Sand paper
  • Measuring tape
  • Black paint
  • Paint brush
  • Scissors

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