How to Replace Brakes on a Golf Cart


The brakes on a golf cart are similar to those found underneath most cars and trucks. The major difference is that while a car may require a mechanic to work on the brakes, you can replace the ones on your golf cart. With just a few tools and some time, you can save money which could be used towards the next 18 holes of golf.


Drive and park your golf cart on a level surface. Turn the cart off but do not set the parking brake. Instead, place blocks in front of and behind the front wheels to prevent rolling.

Place the 3-ton jack underneath the center rear of the cart and lift it into the air.

Take your 3/4-inch socket wrench and remove the lug nuts holding the two rear wheels onto the body. Place the wheels to the side.

Remove the break drum, which covers the brake pads. Remove the cotter pin (some carts have two) using needle-nose pliers.

Discard the worn-out pads. Apply an anti-squeal grease to the interior of the new pads. Insert the replacement pads and secure them, using the cotter pin(s) and the brake drums.

Put each of the rear wheels back on the cart and secure them, using the lug nuts and socket wrench.

Lower the jack and remove the blocks from around the front wheels.

Test the cart's new brakes at a slow speed on the level surface.


While the wheels are off, it's a good idea to check all of the parts near the brakes. You should lubricate any moving parts and ensure there is no major deterioration on anything else.


Always wear protective glasses while working on your golf cart.