How to Replace a Drive Belt on an Exercise Bike

For the most part, exercise bikes are pretty much maintenance-free, but there is one area that can wreak havoc on your exercise routine, and that is the drive belt (or chain). The drive components take the brunt of the work, wear and tear and thus will demand the most maintenance attention. Changing out the belt or chain is easy and can be done by even a novice mechanic.

Begin by removing the plastic shrouding around the base of the exercise bike with the screwdriver. This shrouding keeps clothes from getting caught in the belt and makes it difficult to access the belt unless it is removed.

Use the ratchet set to remove the axle nuts on either side of the rear wheel of the bike. Slide the wheel forward slightly so that you can slip the belt over the lip of the wheel. Now slide the wheel backward and out of the chainstays of the bicycle. Slip the belt off of the front sprocket and through the chainstay in the rear.

Install the new belt by sliding it over the front sprocket and through the chainstay. Slide the back wheel back into position and slip the belt over the lip of the wheel then firmly and evenly push the wheel back so that the wheel is straight and even. Tighten down the axle nuts, reinstall the plastic shrouding, and test the bike out.


Some companies provide in-home service for exercise equipment if you simply cannot perform this repair. Get in touch with your local health club to inquire about the companies they use and see if they have a home division.


Overtightening or not tightening the belt enough will lead to undue wear and tear on the belt, which will lead to an increased number of repairs later.