How to Lubricate Rollerblade Wheels

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Rollerblade wheels take some upkeep to ensure that they continue to perform at a high level. To keep your wheels like new, it is recommended to clean and lubricate your wheels and bearings to ensure that your Rollerblades continue to roll like the day that you bought them. Rollerblade recommends that you clean, rotate and lubricate your wheels whenever you see dirt accumulating or see one side of the wheels wearing down more than the other side.

Lubricating your Rollerblade Wheels

Remove the bearings from your Rollerblade wheels. Loosen and remove the axle with the #4 Allen key, which will allow you to remove the wheel and bearings. If the bearings do not fall right out of the wheel, they can be pried out with a small flathead screwdriver.

Place your bearings in a plastic container, and pour enough clean, conventional motor oil to cover the top of the bearings. While the bearings are soaking, rotate the wheels so that they wear evenly on both sides. Rotate the front wheels with the back, as well as flipping the wheels over from one side to the other. You can also clean the wheels by wiping them down with water and mild soap.

Seal the lid on the plastic container and let the bearings soak overnight. This will remove the dirt particles that have built up in the bearings and also act as added lubricant to the bearings.

Wipe the excess oil off the bearings with paper towel.

Insert the bearings back into the wheel, and then place the entire wheel back onto the axle. Tighten the axle back into its original position with the #4 Allen key.


Rollerblade recommends that you replace the axles and screws from the bottom of the skates every time you clean and lubricate your skates.