How to Replace the Pads in a Baseball Helmet


Baseball helmets are integral to a batter’s safety both at the plate and on the base paths. While the helmet’s hard, plastic shell is vital to protecting the player, the helmet’s inner foam pads are equally important because they keep the helmet firmly on the player's head during an impact. A safe, proper-fitting helmet should include durable pads that are fully intact and support the player’s head. Over time, helmet pads often begin to break down, thanks to sweat and dust. When this happens, they’ll need to be replaced.

Remove the old, worn pads by pulling them off the helmet’s plastic.

Pour some rubbing alcohol on a rag and rub the helmet’s interior to remove any glue residue from the old pads.

Glue the backs of the replacement pads and press them firmly into place where the original pads were located. Use glue that is safe on plastics, such as a 3M product. Regardless of the glue you use, ensure it will not disintegrate the plastic or the pads. Some epoxies, for instance, will “eat” through certain materials.

Let the glue dry the required amount of time as specified on its package. Press the pads firmly into place occasionally to ensure they are sticking to the plastic.


If possible, buy replacement pads that are specifically designed for the helmet you use. Generic replacement pads will fit a variety of helmets, but specifically designed replacement pads will fit your helmet best. Additionally, ensure the replacement pads are designed for your size of helmet. Pad companies often produce a variety of replacement pad sizes.