How to Ride Fast on an RipStik

  1. Carry the casterboard to the top of a small hill in your neighborhood. Lay the RipStik on the ground with the nose pointing down the hill. Place your lead foot onto the front platform to lift the casterboard onto its two wheels.

  2. Propel the casterboard forward by pushing off the ground with your back foot. Lower your back foot onto the rear platform of the casterboard. Rotate your hips in a rhythmic motion to increase the momentum of the board.

  3. Bend your knees as the casterboard begins to progress down the hill. Extend your arms parallel to the ground to increase the balance of your riding stance. Apply pressure to the edges of the front platform to steer the casterboard.

  4. Extend your legs as you reach the bottom of the hill. Jump off the RipStik as it slows to a stop. Practice the downhill ride to increase your casterboarding speed.

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