Saturday NFL Games This Season

Baltimore Ravens v Kansas City Chiefs

One of the weirder scheduling traditions in the NFL is the Saturday football game. This is because NFL games usually fall on Thursdays, Mondays, or Sundays. However, once Week 16 hits, some games are scheduled for the sixth day of the week. 2023 is no different. Here are the games being played on Saturdays in 2023.

Why are there NFL games on Saturday?

Georgia v Missouri

The NFL avoids scheduling games on Saturday to prevent from competing against College Football which typically plays on Saturday. However, college football has a shorter schedule than the NFL. This means that towards the end of the NFL season, some games can appear on Saturdays. These games are often prime-time match-ups on major networks.

What games will be played on Saturday during 2023?

Week 16

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
  • Cincinnati Bengals Vs Pittsburgh Steelers‌ - 3:30 PM CST ‌NBC
  • Buffalo Bills vs Indianapolis Colts‌ - 7:00 PM CST ‌Peacock‌

Week 17

Dallas Cowboys v Minnesota Vikings
  • Dallas Cowboys vs Detroit Lions -‌ 7:15 PM CST ‌ABC/ESPN

How does scheduling for week 18 work?

The schedule for week 18 will not be decided until after the completion of week 17. This allows for the NFL to put match-ups with playoff implications on prime-time. This includes two Saturday matchups scheduled for 3:30 PM CST and 7:15 PM CST.