How to Sell an Elliptical Machine Online

    Gather all of the information on the elliptical machine. Find your user manual, the brand and model number, and any other specific details about the machine you would like a buyer to know, such as size. A person is more likely to purchase an item that is detailed in the description.

    Clean the elliptical machine to prepare it for selling and for photos.

    Take several photos of the elliptical machine. Take a picture of the entire machine, and also take pictures of the brand name or model number that is printed on the machine. Take closeups of the hand grips and foot pads, and a photo of the LED display if your machine has one. Upload the photos to your computer.

    Pick a website that suits your selling needs. Websites such as Craigslist have no fees, and can help to sell the elliptical machine locally at a fixed price. Ebay is a website that will reach a larger base of customers from around the world, but fees are involved. You can choose an auction for the elliptical machine or a fixed price.

    Research other elliptical machines for sale on the chosen website to help determine what price to sell it for and to be competitive with other sellers.

    Upload the photos of the elliptical machine and type in the description into the website.


  • Answer questions from buyers in a timely fashion.


  • Never invite a buyer to your home. Meet the buyer in a public place or ship the item.

Things Needed

  • Elliptical machine
  • Digital camera
  • Computer
  • Internet connection

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