Should I Wear a Sock With My Aircast?


Socks Can Be Helpful

Aircasts come in a variety of forms, sizes and uses, from smaller ankle stirrups to large walking casts. One thing that is universal, though, is the strong recommendation to wear a sock with your Aircast. It absorbs perspiration, adds additional cushioning and protects your skin from the various components of the cast itself.

Socks Can Be Uncomfortable

Wearing a sock with your Aircast, especially when the weather is warm, can sometimes be uncomfortable. In these cases, your doctor can tell you if it is all right to take the sock and brace off for a short time to let your leg breathe. If the doctor says it is OK, do it when seated or lying down and never put any weight on your leg without the sock and cast on.

Bottom Line

No matter what form of Aircast you use, always wear a sock with it. Though it might not always be the most comfortable or fashionable, the manufacturer is clear in stating a sock should always be worn with your cast. Depending on your cast, you may be given a sock to use. If not, using a tube sock will provide the protection you need.