Softball Rules for Middle School

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While softball is generally played in the same way throughout schools and age groups, regulations may still vary. Depending on the level of softball played and the school district, softball rules may accommodate newer and younger players. Sport organizations also tend to have special rules pertaining to hitting and the number of innings played for younger participants. Check your local league or school district for specific rules.

Players and Innings

Middle school softball rules allow up to a total of six innings per game in some leagues and seven innings in other leagues. Consequently, the maximum number of players allowed on the field is nine. For each inning, there are a maximum number of batters allowed, and each inning should have 10 batters maximum. For each team, a maximum of three outs per inning are allowed. This accounts for a total of six outs per inning in a game.

Ball, Home Run and Strikes

A player is out of the game if he has three strikes. If the ball reaches outside fair play territory (outside of the first or third base lines), it is considered a foul ball. A player who does not hit four balls will walk to first base. A home run occurs when a batter hits the ball over the fence or if the player is able to pass through each base before the catcher forces her out.

Ball Calls

If the batter was only able to hit the ball to get to first base, it is called a single. A double is called if the player reaches the second base. If the player hits the ball and reaches third base, it is called a triple. The team that earns the most runs is the winner of the game. A run is scored when a player is able to cross the home plate. If the fielder is unable to hold onto the ball while tagging a runner, the runner is considered safe. Also, if the fielder loses the ball right after tagging the player, the tag is considered void. A ball that is caught in midair before it touches the ground is out. If the player hits a grounder and the ball reaches first base before the runner, then an out is called.