Specs for the Ping G10 Iron Loft

Long Irons

    Longer irons have lower loft angle, aimed at creating a lower trajectory but a greater overall distance. The G10 2-iron has a loft of 18.5 degrees, the 3-iron is 21.0 degrees and the 4-iron is 24.0 degrees.


    Mid-irons are played from the tee on par threes and are used to play into and around the green from fairways. The loft of the G10 5-iron is 27.0 degrees, the 6-iron is 30.5 degrees and the 7-iron is 34 degrees.

Short Irons

    Short irons are used to play shots onto the green and towards the flag. The G10 8-iron has a loft of 38.0 degrees, the 9-iron is 42.0 degrees and the pitching wedge is at 46.0 degrees.


    Wedges have the greatest level of loft and are used to play shots around the green and from the bunker. The G10 utility wedge has loft of 50.0 degrees, the sand wedge has a loft of 54.0 degrees and the lob wedge has a loft of 58.0 degrees.

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