How to Strengthen Your Abs on a Power Plate

How to Strengthen Your Abs on a Power Plate

    Hit the start button on the program pad at the top of the Power Plate and select the degree of vibration (30 is recommended for beginners), and press the "Low" option.

    Select the length of time for the exercise. Begin with 30 seconds and build up to 60.

    Sit on the base of the Power Plate facing the back, with your feet resting on the vertical portion of the machine while holding onto the handles for support. Hit the start button on the bottom control panel and begin doing slow and controlled crunches.

    To tone and strengthen the obliques, do a Side Plank with your right hand on the base, your feet on the floor and raise your hips to the sky. Hit start and hold for 30 seconds. Once the machine has stopped vibrating, turn to your left side and repeat.

    Do a Front Plank with your forearms resting on the base of the Power Plate, holding your body in a straight, stable line with your feet on the floor. Be careful not to let your hips rise upwards (imagine you are balancing a glass or water on your back). Hit the start button and hold for 45 seconds while contracting your ab muscles.

    Stimulate a yogic Boat pose by sitting on the base of the Power Plate facing to one side. Raise your legs and arms at the same time so that you make a V-shape with your fingers pointing towards your feet and your toes pointing to the ceiling. Lift your sternum, lean back slightly and contract your core muscles. Hit start on the control panel and hold for 45 seconds.

    Just as with any form of exercise, stretching is an essential component of a Power Plate workout. Increase the vibrations to 50 and stand up straight on the base and let your upper body hang loosely like a rag doll while raising your hips into the air. Hit the start button and relax and hold for 45 seconds.


  • Limit your ab workout to a maximum of 5 minutes a day, or alternate ab moves with other body parts such as legs or arms.

Things Needed

  • Access to a Power Plate machine, either at a gym, private studio or your home
  • Loose fitting workout clothes

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