How to String My Bear Compound Bow

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Archery enthusiast Fred Bear developed the Bear compound bow during the Great Depression. Bear had a passion for hunting with a bow, which led him to developing one of the best crafted compound bows on the market. The quality, design and craftsmanship of the Bear Bow make it more accurate and powerful than its competitors. The design of the bow gives it more energy when drawn back. This energy is transferred through to the arrow, giving it an efficiency level that is unmatched by other compound bows.

Select a string for the Bear compound bow that fits your need in hunting or target practice. The best choices in string are the Ultra Cam or the XCEL. The Ultra Cam has longevity, strength and durability. The Ultra Cam is 56 percent Vectran and 44 percent Dyneema. The breaking strength is 119 pounds. The XCEL is the leader in string stability and speed. The shot taken from a bow strung with XCEL is soft and quiet. The XCEL is 33 percent Vectran and 66 percent SK75Dyneema. Its breaking strength is 102 pounds.

Feel and look at the old string before you remove it. It is important that the removal string not make the limbs of the compound bow bounce back with any significant force. The force of the bounce of the bow limbs is upward of 50 pounds. Use a bow press to remove the old string. A bow press holds the limbs in place. Do not remove the old string until you have placed the new string on the bow.

Take the XCEL string and place the loop at the end of the bow's limp. It doesn’t matter which end you start at. Stretch the XCEL string so that the loop on the other end of the string attaches to the other limp end of the bow. You now have two strings on the compound bow as it sits in the press. Loosen the tension of the limbs by turning the tension screws counterclockwise while the bow is still in the press.

Slide the old string off the Bear compound bow. You need to be careful not to remove the new string with the old string. The goal is to have the new string pick up the tension, preventing the limbs from bearing too much pressure. Tighten up the limbs after the removing the old string. Turn the tension screws by hand clockwise.

Rub wax on the new XCEL string before use and after the first couple of uses. Wax coats the string, increasing its longevity and control.


To string a Bear compound bow correctly, you need a bow press. You can purchase one at your local hunting supply store.


Safety goggles are not optional when stringing a compound bow. The velocity at which a string breaks can cause a serious injury.