Swimming Pool Games for Two People


For kids, backyard pool play is one of the most popular ways to enjoy the summer. Many games exist that kids can play when there are only two players present. The games outlined here are simple to learn and play, and require only minimal additional accessories.

Marco Polo

A classic game for two, Marco Polo begins with one player closing his eyes and counting to 10. The second player then silently swims to another section of the pool. At the end of the count, Player 1 calls out "Marco!" keeping his eyes shut. Player 2 must then call out "Polo!" in response, alerting Player 1 to her location. As the call and response continues, Player 1 tries to move closer to Player 2, while she tries to swim away. Once Player 1 catches and tags Player 2, the players switch positions and begin again. Getting out of the pool to avoid being tagged is against the rules.

Sunken Treasure

This game helps players increase their diving ability and underwater swimming skills. To play Sunken Treasure, you will need either pool diving sticks, which submerge when thrown into the water, or a small object that sinks when in the pool. Players start at one end of the pool, either in the water or on the ledge, then toss the diving stick to the other end. When both players say "Go!" they dive in and see who is first to retrieve the treasure from the bottom of the opposite end of the pool.

Pirate Ships

This game requires two inflatable pool chairs or rafts, as well as several beach balls. Players start on opposite ends of the swimming pool in their "ships" and paddle toward each other. Once players approach each other in the center of the pool, they try to knock each other off their ships without touching the boats or each other. Instead, they accomplish this by tossing beach balls at each other or splashing water at each other. Another variation on this game involves one player protecting his prize "booty," which can be any random object, without touching it. The second player has to maneuver herself into a position where she can steal the prize away.