Techniques for Wrestling Someone Taller

Wrestling Match

When wrestling in competition or for fun, size is important. It can be somewhat more difficult to win a wrestling match against someone who is taller than you. However, there are certain techniques you can utilize in order to increase your chance of winning the match.

Create a Strategy

When you begin a wrestling match against someone taller than you, you should immediately think of your plan of attack. Although this should be done when wrestling any opponent, it is even more important when wrestling a taller opponent because you are already at a disadvantage physically. Furthermore, you need avoid any mistakes that are going to put you in a compromising position. Use your feet to keep your distance from the opponent until the perfect time to have contact. Gauge your opponent’s reactions to you moving away from him in order to choose the best technique to go at him with.

Avoid "Standard" Techniques

When attempting to wrestle a larger opponent, they may feel confident they can take you down with little to no effort. Additionally, it can become more difficult wrestling an experienced wrestler because they know all the "standard" techniques and think they know what move you are going to make. If you change up your take-down techniques from a traditional double, outside single or single leg, you have a better chance of beating the opponent because the move you use is unexpected. Changing up your methods will also throw the opponent off their game and make it easier to defeat them.

Aim High

When you first go toward your opponent, you should try to attack his head. This will give you more control as you will be “on top” of his height and therefore have more control in the situation. Attacking the head can be done by first completing a series of leg attacks and then when the opponent tries to duck down to defend, you should go after his head.

Get Low

Another option a shorter wrestler can use is to go lower. If you go after one of your opponent's ankles quickly and properly, you could knock down your opponent right away. However, if done incorrectly, you will get squashed. So, the execution of this technique is crucial.


When taking down a taller opponent, it is imperative that you commit to whatever technique you are going to utilize. You must move quickly and effectively. A fireman’s carry or arm throw are both excellent techniques to use when taking down a taller opponent. Those two positions are ideal because they allow you to get under your opponent so he cannot overpower you.