How to Throw Darts Like Phil Taylor


Phil 'The Power' Taylor is regarded by most as Darts' greatest ever player. There is no right or wrong way to throw a dart; however the 15 world titles achieved by Taylor along with his overall dominance of the sport have led to much analysis and imitation of his throwing style. As Taylor's throwing technique is fairly advanced, it along with most styles requires a fair amount of practice in order to improve accuracy.

Position yourself at the center of the toe line. Align your dominant foot so that it is level with the throwing line. Lean your body slightly forward, with the majority of your body weight resting on your front foot; this brings you closer to the board and maintains balance.

Place the dart in your open palm; balance it and find the center of gravity. Now roll the dart to your finger tips using your thumb. This should become an automatic movement in between throws and your eyes should remain focused on the target.

Rest your thumb against the stem of the dart, keeping two fingers in contact with the barrel (see resources). Phil Taylor is seen to use a 'pencil grip', this is a common method of holding the dart and usually requires a thin cylindrical barrel, like those used by Phil.

Bring the dart slowly back towards your right eye, keeping your arm at a 90 degree angle and the point of the dart pointing up. Your eyes should be focused on the specific area of the board you are aiming for. Release the dart at a medium pace. Ensure your throwing arm remains straight at a 180 degree angle on the follow-through. Like Phil, point your index finger towards the board, not the floor.


The specific darts used by Phil Taylor are not necessarily needed in order to replicate his throwing style.

You may wish to establish a practice routine to familiarize yourself with the technique.


Darts is an adult sport and equipment should be kept out of the reach of children