How to Throw an NFL Draft Party

Invite People

    Invite people to your NFL draft party weeks ahead of time. Since the NFL draft is such a popular event, you'll want to invite people far ahead of time to ensure that they don't already have plans for that weekend. Talk to your friends about your plans to throw a party for the NFL draft and tell them you would love for them to come.

    Cook for your NFL draft party as you would for an NFL tailgate. For example, if you always have hamburgers, hot dogs and grilled chicken at your tailgates, have these items at your NFL draft party. While you can't recreate the NFL season during the spring draft, you can bring back some fond memories with your NFL draft party.

    Buy plenty of pre-draft magazines and newspapers for your guests to enjoy. Before the NFL draft, journalists from around the country write about which players teams should take and which players should be avoided. Have these publications out so your guests can read them in order to better prepare themselves for the upcoming NFL draft.

    Tell your party guests to arrive to your place early for your NFL draft party. Plenty of pre-draft coverage can be found on numerous sports television stations hours before the NFL draft even begins. Having your guests arrive early will allow everybody to enjoy this coverage. You could also stage a mock NFL draft at your place. During this time, you and your guests could speculate which players will go to which teams.

    Place televisions and radios throughout the rooms of your home. Chances are that not everybody will be in the same room throughout the entire NFL draft. Picks and trades can happen at a moment's notice during the NFL draft. By having televisions and radios throughout your home, you can ensure that nobody will miss anything regardless of where they are or what they're doing during your NFL draft party.

    Make sure that a computer with Internet capabilities is available during your NFL draft party. As the NFL draft gets into the later rounds, there will undoubtedly be players chosen that you and your party guests will be unfamiliar with. You'll want to look these players up in order to find more information about their pre-NFL careers.

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