How to Throw a Turbo Javelin


The turbo javelin, known as the TurboJav, is a training instrument that aids its users in development of proper throwing mechanics for baseball, track and field, and football. It is approximately half the length of a regular javelin. The TurboJav is used in school athletic programs all over the world, and throwing it properly takes practice. The manufacturer suggests throwing it from both your weaker side and your stronger side. In addition to improving throwing technique, the TurboJav strengthens arm muscles and improves core strength. The average throw is 50 to 75 feet, but the TurboJav has been thrown as far as 178 feet during a competition.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart while holding the TurboJav. Plant your feet firmly on the ground and face forward. The shoulders and hips should also face forward.

Hold the TurboJav in your hand with all of your fingers wrapped around the shaft. Position the TurboJav above your head with your elbow slightly bent. Extend your other arm parallel to the ground for balance. Aim the TurboJav in the direction of the throw with the tip aimed slightly downward.

Bend backward slightly while propelling the TurboJav forward. Be careful not to put stress on your elbows and back. Move the throwing arm as far back as possible. Propel the TurboJav as if you were throwing a dart, bringing your upper torso forward as you throw.

Make a cross-step with your foot as you throw the TurboJav. If you are right-handed, the right foot should move in front of your body; if you are left-handed, the left foot should move in front of your body.


To gauge your progress, use a plastic or paper dart board affixed to a wall surface that will not be damaged by the TurboJav. Practice by targeting the center of the plastic or paper dartboard (See Resources).


Do not throw the TurboJav toward people or animals.