Tools & Equipment Used in Cricket


Cricket is a team sport where two teams take turns batting and bowling. The objective of the batting team is to score as many runs as possible before their turn is up. It differs slightly from baseball in the number of players, number of umpires and the type of ball. Although cricket is a bat and ball game, it calls for much more equipment and tools.


Wickets are formed by three posts, or "stumps," that have two bails joining them together. They must be exactly 28 inches tall and 9 inches wide.

Keeping Gloves

Keeping gloves are worn by the wicket keeper to protect his hands when catching the ball. Often additional protection is worn beneath the gloves, such as cotton inners. The gloves must permit the wicketkeeper to be able to throw the ball as well so they cannot be too stiff. They are also not allowed to be big like baseball gloves.


The batsman usually wears a helmet to protect from badly thrown balls. Sometimes a face guard is also worn in addition to the helmet. The helmet is secured with a chin strap. It is considered a foul if the helmet comes off and hits the wicket.


Cricket can't be played without a ball. The ball is made from cork on the inside and red leather on the outside. The leather is stitched together, and this forms the "seam." One side of the seam will be shiny, and the other will be rough.


The bat will vary in terms of size and weight. Ideally, the bat should come up to the top of your thigh in height. The bat will have a flat bottom and a round handle. The main body of the bat should not be more than 4.25 inches wide.


Cricket clothing is almost all white and usually consists of a long-sleeve shirt and pants. Protective gear such as thigh pads can be worn underneath. The type of shoes worn will depend on what surface you play cricket on and what type of player you are. If the ground is soft, spiked shoes are a better option, while for hard ground, pimpled soles are better. Batters will opt for shoes with more grip on the front, and bowlers would want to wear shoes with an equal amount of grip all over.