How to Treat a Treadmill Burn


Slipping and falling off of a treadmill during your workout can give new meaning to the term "burning rubber." Unfortunately, this type of burn is painful. Fortunately, with the proper care and time to heal, the burn will go away.

Make sure the burn is a minor burn. If it's not, seek medical attention right away. Anything more than a second-degree burn that covers a small area of your body should be treated by a doctor. More than likely, a burn from a treadmill will only cover a relatively small area of your body, damage the first layer or part of the second, and can be treated at home.

Cool the affected area by applying cold water or a cold compress for several minutes. Don't put ice directly on a burn as it can cause frostbite and further complicate the injury.

Wrap up the area loosely with gauze, but be sure not to use one with loose fibers that could get stuck in the burn. Though most doctors don't recommend using any sort of cream on a burn, some people like the soothing feeling that creams offer. If you do use a cream, be sure it is a lightweight one. Thick, greasy creams can trap in heat and prolong the healing process. Re-wrap the burn when the dressing becomes dirty.

Take medication. This step might not be necessary if the burn doesn't hurt, but an over-the-counter pain reliever like aspirin, Tylenol or Aleve can help take the edge off and make the burn less painful while it heals.