Tricks on Roller Skates

Barrel Roll

    This one of the simpler tricks that can be performed on flat ground. This is essentially performing a smooth 360-degree spin while you are skating.

    Lead with your left skate forward and then push your right skate across your left as you turn your body to go with it. As you shift your weight onto your right foot, drag your left in a backward motion and continue round with your right. You should be facing your original direction, so you can skate on smoothly.

The Grapevine

    This is a slightly more complex and difficult trick to perform on the flat, which looks really impressive. This move essentially consists of four pivots linked together to give a snaking appearance.

    Lead with your right skate on only the rear wheel with your left flat. Then bring your right skate around to lead and swap so the other skate is only on the back wheel. Your skates should end up going backward, but you should try to only turn your body 90 degrees at any given pivot. The third pivot is essentially swapping back so your left skate is leading by pivoting on that right skate, and then the fourth pivot brings you round to the original scissor position. This is a difficult trick to master without a visual guide, so please see reference 2.


    This is probably one of the easiest tricks to perform but requires a good amount of balance, so mastering this trick will greatly improve your skating.

    As the name suggests, this trick is moving along only on the toe wheel of one skate and the heel wheel of the other skate.

    Start by deciding which is your strongest or preferred foot to skate on. Then with a medium amount of speed, flick the toe up of that skate, so only the rear wheel is touching the ground. Once you feel confident you are balanced, you can lift your trailing skate so only the front wheel is touching the ground.

Crossover Turn

    A crossover turn is a really impressive way of cornering, and it can work to accelerate you when you are going at high speeds. The trick is very simply crossing your skates over each other as you turn. If you are turning right, you should lift your left skate over your right as you pump your skate. If you use the crossover turn to slalom, then this can be a really attractive maneuver.

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