How to Troubleshoot an Edge Exercise Bicycle

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The major difficulty in troubleshooting an Edge exercise bicycle, as with other brands, stems from the revolving door business of this industry. Frequently, one manufacturer of exercise equipment will shut down and a different company will take over the distribution and replacement parts inventory, but it is also common in this industry for a company to simply close up shop and sell their remaining inventory. In the latter case, it is extremely difficult to replace any parts, as most companies use only proprietary parts in the manufacture of this equipment. Begin troubleshooting by consulting your manual, which may include a working phone number for the company.

Troubleshooting an Edge Exercise Bicycle

Open your manual to the contents page and scan for a “Troubleshooting” section. Most exercise equipment manufacturers provide a list of common problems and solutions for consumers in the provided equipment manual. If no manual is available, go to step 4.

Scan the manual for a telephone contact number for Edge. Call the number and ask to speak to the technical or warranty department, then describe the trouble.

Scan the manual for a website or email address. Search the site for troubleshooting tips or send an email to the technical department that describes the equipment trouble.

Replace the batteries in the computer head. Most modern exercise bicycles and many Edge exercise bicycles have battery-operated computer heads to calculate distance, time and calories burned, among many other options. Typically there is a battery door on the underside of this unit that easily swings open or requires the removal of a Phillips head screw. These units use many different sizes of common household batteries. This is the most common problem with an exercise bicycle.

Tighten all visible attachment bolts to seat, arms and cranks on the unit with the adjustable wrench.

Call a local exercise equipment repair facility or a local bicycle shop. Many bicycle shops work on exercise equipment. Most modern exercise bicycles are designed for years of use, use proprietary equipment and have many internal circuits and wires. For these reasons it is unwise for a consumer to disassemble an exercise bicycle. According to Robert Braun, an exercise equipment specialist, “Repairs to gym equipment are usually made by either the manufacturers or local businesses that the manufacturers contract with.” Most exercise bicycles are not intended for disassembly without specialized tools few people have in their homes. Also, most exercise companies will not warranty equipment unless a professional works on it. Do not disassemble any or all parts of an exercise bicycle without professional assistance unless the Edge company recommends such an action.


Needed repairs could include many issues not visible to an amateur repairman. Take broken exercise equipment to a professional exercise equipment repair business.


Taking apart an exercise bicycle without the proper training could result in damage to internal or external parts of the equipment. Trained licensed professionals should only work on exercise equipment unless a manufacturer can provide step by step instructions for the needed repair.