How to Try Out for the CFL

    Step 1

    Hire an agent. Agents usually have training in law or in dealing with professional sports leagues, and will be able to market you as a player to potential CFL teams. They will also have connections whom they can contact to give you the best chance of success during a tryout.

    Step 2

    Find a listing of tryouts in area. CFL teams generally hold tryouts in many different areas in order to cast a wide net and find potentially talented players, as listed on the Indoor Football Scouting Bureau Web site. Find the location closest to you and attend the tryout.

    Step 3

    Use past connections from your football career to help you get a tryout with a team. This may include past coaches, former teammates, scouts, administrators or anyone else you may have potentially contacted during your days as an amateur or professional football player.

    Step 4

    Contact individual CFL teams. Many teams may be open to holding an individual tryout for a potentially talented player, and contacting a team's director of scouting may help you get a look from that individual team.

    Step 5

    Ensure you have a quality track record. If you are a talented collegiate player, CFL teams may have already heard of you. By working hard at whatever level of football you are playing, you may not have to contact a CFL team for a tryout. Instead, they might contact you.

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