How to Use an Arrow Rest on a Bow

    Select a shoot-thru arrow rest. This type of arrow rest is the most common and easiest to install. It consists of 2 prongs upon which the arrow sits. These prongs are usually spring-loaded.

    Choose a drop-away arrow rest. The launcher holding the arrow is pulled off a riser when the bow is drawn back. As the bow is released, the arrow rest drops out of the way to allow complete clearance for the arrow's vane.

    Use a containment arrow rest. This type actually holds the arrow rather than simply supporting it. It is the most popular type of arrow rest for hunting because it does not allow the arrow to fall off.

    Examine a pressure/plunger arrow rest. Horizontal oscillation causes the arrow to come off the shelf when the arrow is released with the fingers. This is the best style for a finger shooter because it dampens these vibrations. However, you may need a flipper rest instead if your bow does not have a center-shot riser.

    Look at arrow rests for more specialized purposes. Arrow rests for bow fishing or flipper style rests may require professional advice.

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