How to Use a Neckline Slimmer

The Neckline Slimmer is a product that is designed to exercise your neck and facial muscles to make them stronger and firmer. The manufacturers say doing this will make your neckline appear slimmer, tighter and younger overall . As we age, we begin to lose muscle mass, and our skin begins to lose elasticity. Manufacturers of the Neckline Slimmer say regular use can prevent an aged appearance.

Hold the neckline slimmer in your dominant hand.

Place the bottom of the Neckline Slimmer against your chest. The bottom will have a slanted diagonal side that will fit snugly again the top of your chest coming up to your collarbone.

Rest the area behind your chin onto the gray padding of the pump.

Bring your head downward, as if you’re nodding. Do it slowly while holding the Neckline Slimmer in place. Do not allow the Neckline Slimmer to slip from its place on your chest, nor from your chin. Bring your chin down to press the pump down into the Neckline Slimmer. You will meet some resistance, which is the point of the exercise, so press down slowly and firmly, concentrating on using your neck muscles to do it.

Repeat this process for two minutes a day, 15 to 20 times a minute.