How to Use the Power Rider Exercise Machine

Have a seat, but move your body simultaneously for a low-impact cardiovascular workout using the PowerRider. The PowerRider exercise machine offers three aerobic workouts, each concentrating on different muscle groups. Your body weight is supported by the seat, but as you near the top of the movement your legs bear more of your weight, which strengthens your lower body. With your feet on the pedals the impact remains low, but you can increase the machine's intensity as your endurance improves, so you can use the PowerRider for years.

Total-Body Workout

Ride the PowerRider at a slow pace for a five-minute warm up. Grasp the handlebar with both hands, with your palms facing down. Sit on the seat. Position the balls of your feet just ahead of the pedals' front edges.

Use your arms to pull back on the handlebar and bring your hands to your sides. At the same time, straighten your legs and hips by pushing down on the pedals. Return to the starting position and continue alternating. Keep your back straight and your chest tall as you perform the motion.

Pick up your pace for 10 to 60 minutes, depending on your fitness level and your workout goals. Maintain a speed that elevates your heart rate and leaves you slightly breathless, but still able to carry on a conversation.

Cool down with three to five minutes of slow-paced PowerRider exercise. Follow your workout with flexibility exercises for your arms and legs. For example, stretch your chest by clasping your hands behind your back and raising your arms. Stretch your quadriceps by standing on your left foot, bending your right knee and grasping the right ankle with your right hand. Pull your ankle close to your backside to feel the stretch.

Complete your PowerRider workout three to five days a week, depending on your goals. If your goal is weight maintenance, increase your frequency and duration to reach a minimum of 150 minutes each week. You may require more minutes of exercise if your goal is weight loss.

Workout Variations

Adjust your workout to concentrate on your upper body by resting your feet on the non-movable pegs. Pull the handlebar toward you and push it away from you, using only your arms for the exercise. Change the working muscles by switching hand positions. For example, place your palms facing up to exercise your biceps. Hold onto the outsides of the handles to firm your rear deltoids.

Concentrate on your lower body by using the handlebars for balance only. Instead of pulling and pushing with your hands, use only your legs on the pedals to perform the movement. For example, place your toes on the pedals, push down and point your toes as you ride to strengthen your calves.

Perform intervals for workout variation and added intensity. For example, go as fast as possible using your arms and legs for one minute. Then slow your pace and work at moderate intensity for the next minute. Repeat the intervals for the duration of your workout.


Wear supportive shoes while using the PowerRider and avoid using the machine in your bare feet.


Speak with your doctor before you begin any exercise program.