How to Use the Putter-Chipper Golf Club

When to Use the Chipper

    The chipper, as it is commonly known, is designed to look like a putter but has more loft – typically the loft of a 7- or 8-iron, depending on the manufacturer. If you stroke it like a putter, the ball will pop up over the rough or fringe, land on the green and then roll like a putt. The chipper, therefore, is most effective within 15 yards of the green – when a putt will not work but a high pitch shot is not necessary.

Proper Technique

    Stand with your feet no more than hip-width apart. Bend forward slightly from your hips until your arms hang away from your body. Hold the chipper the way you would hold your putter. That varies by golfer, but a standard putter grip is with your thumbs pointing straight down the shaft and your non-dominate hand higher on the club.

    Using just your shoulders and no wrist action, make a pendulum motion, pushing the club back and through. The length of the stroke will determine how far the ball with pop and how far it will roll when it lands.

About the Author

Kim Kleinle is a PGA/LPGA professional and a member of a select group certified in instruction by the Professional Golfers' Association. She began writing in 1980 after earning her degree. Her work has appeared online, in "Northeast Golfer" and in newspapers, including the "Scranton Times." She holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Point Park University, Pittsburgh.