How to Use the Thighmaster

Warm Up

    Hold the ThighMaster in front of you with both hands on the handles and the yellow cap further away from you.

    Push the ThighMaster together until you feel a little strain.

    Bring the ThighMaster down while bending your legs as if you are getting ready to sit down.

    Bring the ThighMaster back up over your head as you stand up straight.

    Do this about 15 to 20 times until you feel like your muscles are warmed up.

Work Out

    Sit forward on a chair and place your feet in front of you with the ThighMaster between your knees with the yellow cap facing down. Lightly place your hands on both handles and squeeze the ThighMaster with your thighs. Do this fifty times to tone your inner thighs.

    Hold the ThighMaster up toward your face with the yellow cap facing upward level with your chin and your forearms resting on each handle with your elbows facing downward and your arms bent. Squeeze the handles together, pushing your elbows together. Do this 30 to 50 times to tone your chest.

    Hold each handle of the ThighMaster with the yellow cap farthest away from you. Push the ThighMaster together with the heels of your hands while slowly raising and lowering the ThighMaster. To intensify this exercise, hold your arms further in front of you. Do thirty repetitions to tone the upper body.

    Place the ThighMaster against the body with one handle on the right thigh and the yellow cap on the right side of the waist. Place the left hand on the bottom handle and the right hand on the top handle. Press down on the upper handle as far as possible, resisting as it comes back up. Do this 25 to 30 times on each side to tone the triceps.

    Stand with one of the ThighMaster handles against your left side with the bottom of the low handle just above your hipbone and the yellow cap pointing up. Hold the handle with your right hand and lay your forarm across the ThighMaster. Press downward using the inside of your arm toward your hip 25 times on each side to tone the upper back.

    Lie with your back on the floor, knees bent upward and together and your feet flat on the floor. Put the ThighMaster with one handle between your thighs and the other at your chest. Push the ThighMaster away from you as you do crunches. Do this 30 to 50 times to tone the stomach.


  • Don't forget to breath. Exhale when you squeeze and inhale when you release.

Things Needed

  • A ThighMaster

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