Vitamaster 990 Plus Exercise Bike Instructions

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The Vitamaster 990 Plus Exercise Bike is a basic exercise bike made by DP Fitness. It is no longer actively produced, so there are risks associated with costs of repairs, but with care the machine will not have problems. The bike is simple to operate. It uses air as its only resistance, so it does not have adjustable resistance options. The lack of extra resistance makes the bike a simple option for any beginner to exercise bikes.

Put batteries in the bike. Open the back of the small screen that is on the handle bars and place the batteries into the compartment. The batteries are used to show how far the bike has traveled and the amount of calories burned on the menu.

Sit on the seat and check the bike pedals. Adjust the seat as necessary to reach the pedals comfortably by pulling out the holding pin, which is below the seat and on the right side, and moving the seat up or down.

Place your feet on the pedals and start pedaling in a forward motion. Adjust your body until you are comfortable on the bike while pedaling. Pedal at a steady and comfortable pace. The best way to exercise on the bike is using a steady and long lasting pace rather than going as fast as possible and burning up energy.

Adjust pace to faster speeds for more intensity. The Vitamaster 990 does not have adjustable resistance, so increased intensity is determined by pedaling speed and by the length of time for exercise.