Volleyball Communication Drills

volleyball girl image by alice rawson from Fotolia.com

Popcorn Drill

For this drill three players lay down in the middle of the court, spread out equally. The coach stands between the players and bounces the ball. When the players hear the sound of the ball touching the floor, they jump up and search for the ball. The player who is in the best position to pass the ball calls out "mine," so that the other two players back away and get into position. Once Player 1 hits the ball, she runs to the other side of the court and waits to receive the ball, while players 2 and 3 set and spike the ball over the net. After each player makes contact with the ball they run to the other side of the court. Once the ball reaches the other side, all three players communicate with each other and finish the rally. Once the players get the ball over the net, the next group lies down and the exercise begins again.


Two players set up in the back row in the serve receive position, while the rest of the team is on the opposite side of the court on the service line. The players must serve the ball in between both players. Once a player serves the ball, she runs over to the net and stands at the middle blocker position. The players on the serve-receive side must communicate with each other and call out "mine" in order to figure out who will pass first. Once Player 1 passes to the designated target, Player 2 sets it up so that Player 1 can spike it over the net. Player 2 must also watch the blocker on the opposite side and call out "blocker" or "free net" in order to help her partner successfully complete an offensive attack. Once this is done two new players take the court.

Quick Pass

For this drill the coach and assistant coach stand by the net with a basket of volleyballs. Three players line up in the back row in the left back, middle back and right back positions. At a quick pace, the coaches constantly spike and toss the ball in between the players at different speeds and elevations for a period of three to five minutes. Players must shout out "mine" if they intend to pass the ball. The purpose of the drill is to condition the players to think, communicate and react quickly during rallies. In addition, it also helps players focus on ball control as they concentrate on passing the ball back to a designated target. Players must run a lap or perform a set of pushups for each ball that drops between them. Once the time is up, the next group rotates in and the drill begins anew.