How successful will Eric Bieniemy be for the Washington Commanders?

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While much has been said about the Washington Commanders and their sale for $6 billion, one key story line for the team has fallen under the radar. I'm talking about the hiring of Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy. It's been awhile since Washington has had a competent offense and with weapons like Terry McLaurin and Antonio Gibson, it's hard to see why. Will Eric Bieniemy be the one to turn it around?

Who is Eric Bieinemy?

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Eric Bieniemy is an offensive coordinator and a former NFL running back. He started his football career at Colorado where he set school records for career rushing yards and touchdowns. After his NFL career, he would go back to his alma mater and become the school's OC. He would later be hired by the Kansas City Chiefs and work his way up from running backs coach to the offensive coordinator under Andy Reid. At Kansas City, he would win two Super Bowls and become known as an offensive guru around the league.

How good is Eric Bieniemy?

Bieniemy is no stranger to coaching high powered offenses. In his first year with the Chiefs, they scored the third most points of all time with 565. In the years since, he has won two Super Bowls with the Chiefs. But some around the league have chalked this success up to star QB Patrick Mahomes instead of any groundbreaking play calling. However Mahomes had this to say about Bieniemy and his inability to get a head coaching job in the NFL: "He’s been a part of this offense and this team for so long, holds everyone accountable, is creative in making up plays for us. I don’t know why he hasn’t been hired as a head coach". Pro Football Focus ranked him as the sixth best offensive coordinator ahead of the 2023 season.

Commanders 2023 prediction

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The Washington Commanders are a team in flux. Sam Howell has only started one NFL game and looks to be the team's starting signal caller in 2023. They have changed owners and have a weak offensive line. They had a top ten defense last year by Points Allowed but made no big defensive acquisitions this offseason. This leads me to believe that the Commanders will have a rough year in 2023 as they look to get a high pick to take a QB like USC star Caleb Williams.

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