How to Wear a Football Girdle

A football girdle is a piece of equipment that is worn underneath football pants to provide protection. The purpose of the girdle is to hold the various pads that are essential for protecting football players. The pads that the girdle holds include pads for the hips, butt, thighs, and knees. For first time football players or equipment managers, it may be difficult to put on a football girdle if you do not know where the pads go and how to put it on.

Locate the pockets where each pad will be placed. The butt pad will be located in the back of the girdle, the knees will be located in the front, the thighs will be located on the lower sides, and the hip pads will be located in the upper side.

Place the pads in each pocket of the girdle.

Place the girdle on the ground with the two leg holes facing up.

Step into the girdle and pull them up much like any other pair of pants. You can wear the girdle under or over your underwear. It is usually up to the preference of the football player.

Make sure that the girdle's pads are covering the proper body parts.

Put on football pants over the girdle. Once you have completed this step, you have successfully put on your girdle.