What is a Good Golf Score for Women?

Women who take up golf usually will first concentrate on making solid contact with the golf ball and developing a consistent swing. Gradually as she plays, the novice woman will want to test herself against the course and see how well she can score. At this point it helps to what a good score is considered to be for a woman.


The woman that can go out and shoot around 120 over 18 holes should be proud of her accomplishment. Even though this figure represents an average of about 2 1/2 shots over par per hole it means that the woman is making progress.


As a woman gains experience she should set a goal such as shooting close to 100 on a par-72 course. If this can be attained it means she has taken one entire stroke off of each hole on average, which is a significant improvement.

Par 3s

The par-three holes are going to be the easiest for a woman to reach off the tee, especially if she can hit a wood. A woman that has any putting ability may even have a chance each round to par one of these holes.

Par 4s

Most par-four holes require a tee shot that needs to be in the vicinity of the fairway. The woman that can quickly master hitting a wood or a long iron straight off of the tee will have a better chance at success on a par-four hole than one that has trouble in this area.

Par 5s

Even a straight and long tee shot will not guarantee a woman scores well on a par five. These very lengthy holes still require long irons to be hit after a tee shot has been struck, and long irons are the most difficult club for any golfer, man or woman, to become adept at using, leaving the possibility of errant shots and high scores.