Wrist Snap Exercises for Volleyball

two young caucasian female volleyball players from opposing teams square off as one jumps and hits the ball while the other prepares to block

A volleyball player needs a strong wrist snap so she can hit the ball harder and improve the accuracy of hits. By adding a top spin to the snap, a player can hit the ball at sharper angles and drive the ball to floor. When hitting the ball, the striking hand should be firm and open, covering as much surface area of the ball as possible. Exercises to improve a wrist snap include practice drills and strengthening the wrist.

Strike the Wall

Face a wall with ball in hands. Begin the drill by using two-handed high toss. Point your non-striking hand at the ball. With the heel of your other hand, hit the ball down onto the floor. Contact the ball below the center-snap wrist and roll your fingers over the top of the ball. Use a full arm swing. After hitting the ball, move the non-striking hand forward, and then lower it to your hip and bend your elbow. Allow the ball to bounce off of the wall. Repeat contact with the ball as it rebounds off the wall and arcs above your head. Hit the ball down onto the floor again. Repeat this striking pattern without taking a pause. Set your performance objective at hitting 25 consecutive balls within a five-minute period. To increase the difficulty, add a jump before you hit the ball. Concentrate on using a wrist snap and impart a top spin every time you hit the ball.

Approach and Strike

Perform this drill in progressive stages. First approach the net and practice hitting an imaginary ball with a wrist snap. When you feel comfortable with the motions used in the striking the wall exercise, add a player who holds a stationary ball. Position the second player at the net. Have the second player hold the ball just above the net. Practice approaching the stationary ball and hitting it with a wrist snap. In the final stage, have the second player toss the ball about a foot over the net. Approach the ball and use a wrist snap to execute a quick hit.

Self Toss and Strike

Designate a partner in the opposite court. Start your attack mid-court. Begin with two-handed high toss. Hit the ball to your partner. Use the same form that was used in the wall-strike drill, focusing on using a wrist snap and imparting a top spin. Move back from the net as your partner either catches or digs the ball and then hits the ball back. Repeat the exercise until both players have hit the ball about 10 consecutive times.

Strengthen Your Wrist

Attach a weight plate to a rope with a handle. The rope should extend from your shoulders to your ankles. Begin in a standing position with your back placed against a wall to avoid any levering movement. Grip the handle and raise your arms straight out in front and at shoulder level. Avoid arching your back to prevent strain. Rotate the handle to wind the rope and pull the weight up. Keep rotating until the weight reaches the handle. Depending on your strength, you can unwind the rope or allow the weight to spin back down to bottom of the rope.