How to Iron Creases in Trousers Images

Creased trousers give off a crisp, professional appearance. While some trousers come with "permanent" creases in the legs, others do not -- and even those with creases can lose them over time. Properly ironing creases in your trousers will give the pants a sharp look, and you won't have to spend the money to get them professionally pressed.

Wash and dry the trousers according to the instructions on their care label. Turn your iron on and adjust it to the appropriate setting listed on the care label.

Fold the trousers lengthwise and line up the inseams on the legs. Lay the pants flat on the ironing board.

Flip the top pant leg up toward the crotch area of the trousers. Run the warm iron over the bottom pant leg, pressing firmly along the edges of the pant leg where you want the creases. Flip the pants over and repeat. Then do the same with the outside seams facing up on each leg. If the trousers are cuffed, iron creases into the cuffs as well.

Hold the iron a couple of inches over the fabric and apply a burst of steam to the edges of the trouser legs. Press firmly while running the iron along the edges of the trouser legs. Continue ironing for another minute or so to ensure the creases are crisp.

Hang the trousers from the waist, using a clamp-type hanger, promptly after ironing.


Always unplug your iron when it’s not in use.