How to Put on a Bustier

Cleavage of woman in bustier

Whether wearing a bustier as outerwear or lingerie, it takes a little patience to put this curve-clinging garment on. Similar to a corset, a bustier enhances the waist and breasts, enhancing a woman's hourglass figure. Bustiers may cinch in the front or at the back, depending on the style you choose. If you prefer a lace up bustier, allow the garment some break in time before cinching it too tightly. Like a corset, a bustier may have restrictive boning that needs to bend over time to mimic your shape.

Examine the bustier and look for a row of hooks. Unhook all the hooks. The bustier will fold out to one piece of fabric.

Put the bustier on gathering the hooks in the front or the back, depending on the type you have selected. For a bustier that fastens in the front, connect the top hook first and then button up the bustier from the bottom. If you have a bustier that hooks in the back, put the bustier on backwards and hook the bottom hooks first. Twist the bustier around and then reach around to connect the remaining hooks.

Tie a lace up bustier by grasping both sides of the ribbon and tugging the laces to cinch it in sturdy bow. Leave a gap of 2 inches if you need to train your bustier. Pull on the bow slightly to make sure the bustier is secure.

Look in a mirror to make sure all the hooks look secure. Lean forward in the bustier and tug upwards on the sides to ease your breasts forward into the cups.