How to Take Care of Push Up Bras

rear view of a woman unhooking her bra

A push up bra is designed to give you an extra lift in the bust area. As with any other type of bra, your push up bra must be washed and cared for properly to help maintain its shape, especially since it likely has padding in the cups. Don’t toss your push up bra in the wash with your dirty sneakers or cram it into a drawer to store it. Treat it correctly to keep it in good shape and increase its lifespan.

Pretreat stains on the bra prior to washing. Apply a laundry stain removal product to the spots or rub a few drops of mild dish soap into the stains. Let it sit for 30 minutes prior to washing.

Machine wash push up bras on the gentle cycle. According to "Real Simple" magazine, most lingerie items can be washed in the machine, even if they’re labeled “hand wash.” Fasten the hooks and place the bras in a mesh laundry bag. Set the machine to the shortest cycle and use cold water. Add the recommended amount of detergent according to the load size. Use regular laundry detergent for push up bras made of synthetic or cotton fabric and mild detergent for lacy bras.

Hand wash push up bras if you want to be sure they don’t get messed up in the wash. Fill a tub or sink with lukewarm water. Add mild laundry detergent, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Fasten the hooks on the bras and turn them inside out. Soak them in the water for 5 minutes, then knead the bras with your hands while they’re still immersed. Let them soak for a few more minutes, then rinse them well under clean water. Squeeze the bras gently to remove excess water -- don’t wring or twist the bras or you will distort their shape -- then roll them in a clean bath towel to remove more water.

Never put your push up bras in the dryer as this can shrink the material and distort the padding inside the cups. After washing, use your hands to reshape the cups, then lay them flat to dry.

Store push up bras in a drawer, stacking one on top of the other. Fold the bra in half so that one cup is laying directly on top of the other, then place the bras in a stack inside a drawer. Avoid inverting the cups to store the bras as this will damage the fibers and shape of the cups.

Pack your push up bras properly when traveling. Don’t shove them into the undergarment pocket in your suitcase. Instead, stuff each of the bra cups with a pair of panties and stack your bras on top of one another. This will help prevent the bras from getting smashed and keep the shape intact.