How to Change a Cricket Bat Grip Using a Grip Cone

Proper maintenance of a cricket bat includes replacing the rubber grip when it starts to show signs of wear and tear. A special device, called a bat cone, is available to help a cricketer install a new grip. The cone is slightly longer than a cricket bat’s handle and one end is wider than the other. Although grips can be installed without one, a cone makes putting on a grip easier. The process involves rolling the grip on the cone, transferring it to the bat's handle and unrolling it into place.

  1. Remove the old grip from the handle. Unwrap and discard the tape from around the top of the grip. Start at the top of the handle, near the blade, and roll the grip with your fingers back onto itself so it looks like a doughnut. Roll it toward the end and then completely off the handle.

  2. Insert the narrow end of the cone into one end of the new grip. Slide the grip down toward the thicker end of the cone as far as you can without forcing it.

  3. Roll the grip back onto itself starting at the thicker end of the cone. Continue to roll it so it looks like a donut and make your way toward the narrow end of the cone. Stop rolling 2 inches from the end.

  4. Slide the grip off, turn it around and slide it back onto the narrow end of the cone. Hold the cone with the wider end pointing away from you and start rolling the grip toward the wider end. Stop when you get to end.

  5. Hold the bat upside down between your feet for support. Put the wider end of the cone over the end of the cricket bat’s handle. Push and roll the doughnut-shaped grip off the cone and onto the handle. Continue to roll the grip down the handle until it is at the top, where the handle meets the shoulders of the bat.

  6. Unroll the grip back up the handle 2 inches. Pull and adjust the end of the grip, if necessary, to align it with the bat’s shoulders. Once it is aligned, hold the end of the grip with one hand while unrolling the grip up to the end of the handle with your other hand.

  7. Trim off any excess grip with scissors or tap the excess into place against the base of the handle with the heel of your hand. Put several wraps of narrow electrical tape around the top of the grip to keep it in place at the shoulders.


    Extra force may be necessary to roll the grip from the narrow end to the wider end of the cone.

    If you can’t align the end of the grip with the shoulders, you may need to roll it back up a little, reposition it and roll it back toward the shoulders. It may take several attempts.


    Be careful not to trap your fingers under the grip when you roll it off the cone and onto the bat's handle.

Things Needed

  • Replacement grip
  • Scissors
  • Narrow electrical tape

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