What Type Of Heels Go Best With a Short, Black Party Dress?

Adam Berry/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The simplicity of a little black dress is one of the best things about it; however, knowing it's an ideal garment for personalization is also one of its best attributes. There is no better way to personalize your little black dress than to select shoes, particularly heels, that make it come to life. While there are dozens of heels styles to choose from, some are just the right component to up the style quotient for your black dress.


Arguably the sexiest type of heel, stilettos are ultra sexy, versatile, conservative and fashion-forward. Given you can practically wear this type of high heel with anything, it also looks fabulous when paired with a black dress. Pointed-toe stilettos, a metal heel or even styles finished with patent leather are all chic details to look for when selecting the stiletto that best complements your black dress.

Platforms/Chunky Heels

All women are not naturally gifted in the art of flawlessly walking in high heels, as veterans still struggle with balance and overall discomfort. However, you can't wear flats with everything; in this case, your black dress. Enter the platform/chunky heel. Both provide much more stability than other styles due to their structured sturdiness. The chunkier the heel, the easier it is to walk and the more comfortable it will be to wear for extended periods. The same is true for a platform heel, which takes the bulk of the pressure away from the soles of your feet. Slipping on these high-heel styles with your black dress is equally comfy and chic.

Peep Toe

When you can't decide between a sandal or a traditional pump, or if you want your shoes to be a little sexy, then a peep-toe heel is the way to go. Peep toes are flirty and can even be worn during the cold months of the year if you pair them with tights. There is also an unexpected element of surprise with a peep-toe heel because its minimal exposure adds a little spice to any outfit, even a black dress.


Think of the slingback high heel as the peep-toe but in reverse. Instead of showing your toes as you would with a peep-toe style, the heels of your feet are front and center when wearing a slingback style. These are also a fun and flirty style. However, if you have overly narrow heels, you may want to look for designs that feature an elastic strap or ones that can be fastened tightly for an extra-snug fit. Regardless of your chosen design of slingbacks, the way they accentuate your black dress is worth a little extra effort to achieve the best fit.


According to many, a woman's ankles are one of the sexiest parts of her body; if you are also a believer of this fashion perspective then opting to wear ankle-strap high heels with your black dress is a fashion must. While ankle-straps don't expose a part of the foot like peep toes or slingbacks, they do accentuate and draw attention to you ankle area. There are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to wear these types of heels: If your ankles are thicker, opt for a thinner or medium-width strap to avoid making your ankles appear thicker than normal. Additionally, if your ankles are thin or overly narrow, be sure to select styles with straps that can be fastened tightly.