Eva Longoria Admits She's Out of Shape, But We Can All Relate

If you’ve ever fallen out of your workout routine or have avoided it altogether, you are not alone. After a butt-kicking Spin class, Eva Longoria took to Snapchat to tell everyone about her current fitness level following a two-month workout hiatus.

“Oh my gosh you guys, I finished SoulCycle. It almost killed me. Look at my face … It’s like splotchy red,” she said. “It’s because I haven’t exercised in two months and the blood is finally getting to my face.”

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Although funny and extremely candid, Longoria’s message may resonate with many people who struggle to balance healthy lifestyles with their personal lives and careers. According to Us Weekly, the actress spent the past few months designing her own signature clothing line for The Limited, campaigning for presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, executive producing “Devious Maids” and getting married. Whew!

If Longoria proves one thing, it’s that it is never too late to better your health. Finding motivation can be tough, whether it’s waking up, sticking to a diet or simply staying motivated. If you do stray, there’s no better day than today to get back on track.

Besides, given her track record of toned perfection, we have no doubt she’ll back up to speed in no time.

Early morning yoga with my favorite instructor @craig_fields!

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#Honeymoon #Bliss ❤️❤️❤️

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