Kickboxing Workout Routine


Kickboxing is a physically demanding sport. Kickboxers need to be in tiptop shape to go the distance in their matches. You do not actually have to be a kickboxer to reap the benefits of their types of workouts. Kickboxing workout routines can be done by average fitness enthusiasts at the gym or at home. The following kickboxing workout routine strengthens your arms and legs while giving you some cardiovascular exercise. Stretch adequately before and after this workout.

Upper Body

Stand in a fighting stance with your left foot in front of your right foot. Make fists and put your hands near the sides of your face. Quickly jab in front of yourself with your left fist. Deliver the jab to the face of an imaginary opponent. Turn the fist to a horizontal position as you extend your arm. Strike with your knuckles and return your fist to its starting position. Perform 10 repetitions of the jab and switch feet to repeat the jabs with the other hand. Do three sets of the jabs with each hand.

Drop to push-up position and do five push-ups. Do not rush the push-ups. Lower your body so that your chest almost touches the floor with each repetition.

Quickly stand up after completing the push-ups and get back into a fighting stance with your left foot forward. Use your right fist to deliver a reverse punch to the imaginary opponent’s midsection. Turn your hips to get to maximum power from the punch. Return to the fighting stance after completing the reverse punch. Complete 10 repetitions and three sets of this technique with each arm.

Drop to the floor and do five more push-ups. Keep your back straight as you perform the push-ups.

Get back into a fighting stance with your left foot forward once again. Do a jab with your left fist followed by a reverse punch with your right fist. Do not forget to turn the hips on the reverse punch. Do 10 repetitions of this punching combination and switch legs. Now jab with your right hand and do the reverse punch with your left hand for 10 reps. Do three sets of this exercise on each side.

Lower Body

Get into the same fighting stance. Lift your left knee and point it straight ahead. Kick out with the ball of your foot to your imaginary opponent’s midsection. Quickly snap the leg back and return to a fighting stance. Do 10 repetitions of this front-snap kick and then switch legs. Do the same kick for 10 repetitions with the right leg. Complete three sets of the front-snap kick with each leg.

Place the feet side-by-side at about shoulder-width apart. Slowly squat so that you pretend that you are sitting on a chair. Return to a standing position after completing the squat. Do five repetitions of the squat.

Return to the fighting stance with your right leg behind you. Raise your right knee and kick across horizontally to the imaginary target. Kick with the instep of your foot. Turn your hips and pivot your left foot to perform this roundhouse kick. Reset your leg behind you after the kick. Perform 10 repetitions and three sets of this kick with each leg.

Complete five more squats. Keep the arms extended out in front as you sink into the squat.

Return to the fighting stance. Perform a front-snap kick with your left leg followed by a roundhouse kick with your right leg. Return to the fighting stance after each kicking combination. Complete 10 repetitions and three sets of this combination on each side.


Put lightweight dumbbells in your hands during the punching exercises to additionally strengthen the arm muscles. Increase the repetitions of each exercise as you get stronger. Get a free-standing heavy bag to use as a target for your punches and kicks. Play some upbeat music to help motivate yourself throughout the routine. Take short breaks between sets if necessary.