The Best Long Distance Golf Balls

Golfer About to Tee Off

The best distance ball for you is one with a compression rating that matches your swing speed. The compression rating of a golf ball measures the ease by which the ball is compressed at impact. If you are able to swing fast enough, your ball will compress then pop back to full size during its flight, providing an extra boost of distance. According to, softer balls require less force to change their shape and are better for those with slower, less forceful swings. You can have your swing speed checked at golf stores to measure whether you should be using a soft core, medium compression or firm compression golf ball.

Soft Compression

Soft compression balls feature a compression rating of 70 or below. The Nike Power Distance Soft Golf Balls feature a two-piece design and low compression core that encourage distance for those with slower swing speeds. The Wilson Fifty golf balls and the two-piece Callaway Big Bertha Golf Ball are other low compression options.

Medium Compression

The Wilson Ultra Ultimate Distance Golf Balls feature a core compression of 74, making this a distance ball suited for golfers with medium swing speeds. Other long-distance balls in this compression range are the Maxfli Noodle Long and Soft balls and the Taylor Made Burner TP balls.

High Compression

High compression golf balls are those with a rating of 90 and higher. You would not be advised to use high compression balls to increase your distance unless you have swing speeds of more than 90 mph. The Titleist NXT Tour rated a compression of 93, according to and also feature an advanced 332 Icosahedral dimple design with staggered wave parting line for consistency. Another high compression option is the Nike Ignite.