How to Clear Scratches From a Football Visor


Whether you’re winning or losing your football game, your helmet is sure to see a lot of damage. Scratches, dents and peeling paint are common occurrences on the gridiron and they are often worn proudly until the end of the season. However, if you wear a visor to improve your vision and protect your face, you should examine the condition of your face shield after every game. Take the extra time to remove dirt and repair scratches to prolong the life of your visor and keep your vision unimpaired.

Remove the visor from the helmet by removing the screws at either side of the face plate. Rinse the visor in clean, cool water to clear away large debris.

Soak the visor for five minutes in a bucket of clean water to soften dirt.

Add mild dish soap or eyeglass cleaning solution to the bucket. Wipe the visor with a microfiber cloth to remove dirt.

Rinse the visor and pat it dry.

Apply two to three spritzes of eyeglass cleaning solution and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Select a cleaner formulated for coated lenses. This process will correct minor scratches.

Purchase an eyeglass reconditioning kit to fill deep non-structural scratches; the kit will include a cleaning solution, scratch filler and secondary applicator.

Clean the visor with the cleaning solution; this will remove special coatings and expose the bare plastic. Wipe the lens with a soft cloth.

Brush a thin, even layer of scratch filler over the damaged areas.

Set the visor in a clean area to dry.

Apply a second layer of scratch filler to deep scratches.


For a last-minute fix, "The Real Man's Guide to Fixin' Stuff" recommends cleaning your scratched visor with furniture polish. Just apply, wipe and remove the excess; a clear, waxy residue will fill minor scratches and bring fleeting clarity so you can get back in the game.


Replace the shield or send it to a professional reconditioner if the visor is deeply gouged and has large pieces missing. This type of damage can diminish the structural integrity of the visor.